In life, whether in relationships, with community, in business, everyone experiences stress and conflict. Although some stress and conflict can be positive many of our experiences with stress and conflict can impact our lives in a negative way. Very often these stresses and conflicts can be likened to waves.

When you watch waves in large bodies of water, particularly oceans, the waves are relentless. They keep pounding at any thing that stands in their way and over time have the ability to wear down and shape the landscape. Conflict and stress can have the same effect. And if not dealt with in a proactive way conflict can have the same effect on our lives and the lives of people around us similar to the relentless onslaught of waves.

When I thought further to the relief and joy of dealing with these conflicts and stresses I was reminded of fountains. Fountains have long been used as a metaphor for happiness and joy. And so the message is that out of the waves of conflict, stress, pain and heartache can spring up fountains of happiness and peace. There is hope and there is relief. Contact Signature Mediation and take the first step to finding that fountain.